Pickled Image // Bristol Prologue - Episode 5

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In this episode we talk to Adam Blake and Dik Downey from Pickled Image about clowning, puppetry and their upcoming show Coulrophobia.

Artist Websites: http://pickledimage.co.uk 

Tickets for Coulrophobia here: http://thewardrobetheatre.com/livetheatre/coulrophobia/

Shoutouts to:
Kelvin Players: https://www.kelvinplayers.co.uk/ 
Improv Workshop with Patti Stiles: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/closer-each-day-company-hosts-the-one-and-onlypatti-stiles-tickets-50557201952

Other Mentioned Links
Sound Art: https://www.arnolfini.org.uk/whatson/performance-sacrificial-floors-tour 
Adventure Bureau : https://adventurebureau.co.uk/about/ 
Holly Stoppit: http://www.hollystoppit.com/workshops/introduction-to-clowning

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Caitlin Campbell // Bristol Prologue - Episode 3

In this episode we talk to Caitlin Campbell, improviser, teacher and performer. We chat about how she discovered improvised theatre and joined Degrees of Error as well as co-founding the Bristol Improv Theatre.

Artist Website: http://www.degreesoferror.com - and - https://improvtheatre.co.uk/

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