A selection of music from the egg theatre’s xmas show. Adapted from Baroness Orczy’s book by Chrisopher William Hill.

Orin sacrifices himself to allow Jasmine to leave the underworld. She is a stowaway in a van leaving the depot.

The Time Seekers manage to fix the Nano Crono Clock so time restarts and Gammo can have his birthday party.

Morgan meets her aunt Celeste at the beatnik jazz club. She's told to 'let her fins flow' and 'give in to the undertow'.

Around the beach fire Laura recounts the story of a fisherman falling in love with a mermaid. Morgan is captivated.

Morgan sneaks out of the royal palace to Celeste's club where she dances and joins the revolution.

The Star Seekers launch into space and Alph, Betty and Gammo sing about all the planets in the solar system.

Sound Design

BOV Love of The Nightingale  Rehearsals - Photographer Jack Offord - Low Res - 7943.jpg

The ultimate punishment in the underworld is being deleted, your personality is stripped away and you will be forgotten for ever.

Millie is running late for a lecture. This is the scene change sound while she rushes into class.

Clem and Toby have been trying for a baby and when wooden baby arrives they raise it as their own, even when it grows into a giant tree monster.

Theatrical Trailers

Music composed by Jack Drewry. Trailer filmed by Jack Offord and directed by Helena Middleton.

Music composed by Jack Drewry and Rowan Evans for Closer Each Day at The Wardrobe Theatre.

Music Videos