Jack worked as sound designer on Verity Standen's show Undersong. The performance is an entirely immersive musical experience in which the audience are centred amongst 9 singers and 4 loudspeakers and taken on a playful and emotional sound journey.


Photography credit Paul Blakemore


Undersong places you at the meeting point between threads of music. Voices weave amongst you and around the space, from a whispered duet to a screaming mob.

Nine singers build a vibrant language of a cappella music and movement as they bring to life a series of brand new compositions, which move between tender and expansive.

Verity Standen creates unique sound worlds, using intricate vocal techniques and rich harmony. She has established a reputation around the UK and internationally for her innovative approach to music-making, exploring myriad ways audiences can experience the voice.


Creative Team

Composer: Verity Standen

Performers: Coco Mbassi, Dominie Hooper, Dominika Jarosz, Ellie Showering, Henry McGrath, Jannah Warlow, Kate Smith, Tom Penn & Verity Standen

Sound Designer: Jack Drewry

Movement Director: Laila Diallo

Lighting Designer: Ben Pacey

Dramaturg: John Norton

Costume Designer: Hannah Wolfe

Outside Eye: Tom Morris

Composing Mentor: Orlando Gough


Undersong was performed in Mayfest, Bristol, at venues across the city and St Mark’s Church, London with Ovalhouse.